Team of Bcomp

Work smart & play hard

Young, energetic and adventurous on field professionals in natural composites market.

Sophie de Rijk

Sophie de Rijk

Manager industries

A quadrilingual mechanical engineering (EPFL) master, specialized in structural, fracture and fluid mechanics and material sciences within composites. 

Sophie freshens her head up with endurance sports as running or biking and gets the kick on the telemark skis or in a sailing boat.

She believes that powerRibs technology is an elegant combination of high tech materials and nature’s know-how’.

Nadine Schmid 2

Nadine Schmid

Administration coordinator

Soon to be holding a bachelor degree in Business Administration, she is already experienced in finance and coordination of big national companies.

Nadine is a passionate traveler. She loves hiking, kayaking and exploring new places with only a backpack and a great company by her side.

She also thinks that ampliTex® flax is a great material for pretty interior design applications.

Reto Aebischer

Reto Aebischer

Head of prototyping

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Mechanical Engineering, at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg.

He loves kiteboarding, biking and skiing. He also never forgets to bring his camera on the field and shoot some action.

Reto brags that the kiteboard he’s built with the bCores® is the lightest and the coolest he’s ever made.

cYrille Boinay 2

cYrille Boinay

Managing Director Markets

Career entrepreneur/intrapreneur and the founder of several start ups with a major in Business Administration.

Since he turned three, cYrille has been spending lots of time on snow with either one or two boards. He has crossed the continents including Africa and South America by his 4 Wheel Drive.

cYrille believes that Bcomp is a real game changer. He’s sure that the bCores® technology can make big skis lighter and stronger.

Christian Fischer

Christian Fischer

Managing Director Products

A multilingual MSc & PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the EPFL, responsible for Supply Chain Management & Strategic R&D.

Christian is a passionate angler and enjoys fly fishing during most of his vacations. He’s also a skier as the rest of Bcomp team.

Christi notes that the ampliTex® non-crimp fabrics were developed to get the most out of the natural fibres’ resulting in composites with great stiffness and damping properties.

Vincent Hey

Vincent Hey

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical and material engineering Swiss technology institute (EPFL) graduate.

Vincent loves extremes. He often goes climbing or mountain biking right after work. He also has some mad craftsmanship skills. Right now he's building a brand new pair of skis.

Vince believes that natural fibre composites have a promising future in the composite world and allow designing greener, high performances products.

Julien Rion

Julien Rion

Technical director

Responsible for New Product Development & Prototyping, with a PhD (EPFL) in the framework of the Solar impulse.

A dedicated runner, biker and skier at all times. Julien spends his free time in the nature with his little ones enrolled in various sport activities.

He mentions that powerRibs offer the best performance-per-weight ratio for stiffening composite shell elements - the best solution for any application where weight really matters.

Patrick Vuagnat

Patrick Vuagnat

Manager sports

A professional freeskier, promoter, opinion leader and Annecy graduate with the Sales and Marketing diploma.

Patrick has turned his passion into a professional career by becoming a pro free skier. When snow melts, Pat enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and skateboarding.

Patrick once said: „Before trying skis built with the bCores®, I didn’t believe it was possible to combine lightweight, stability and durability in the same ski!”

Christian Beer

Christian Beer

President of the board

Experienced in international management - a member of several boards and an active member of the University of Applied Sciences, he is holding a degree in electronic engineering and a postgrad in general management.

Living close to the waterfront of lake Hallwil, Chris likes to sail his 25 footer and if there is no wind, he is out rowing his high-tech skiff.

Thomas Rauber

Thomas Rauber

Member of the board

An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in international industrial companies, a Master of Economics, lecturer, mentor and an IMD alumni. 

Thomas discovers the beauty of the nature by hiking, biking and skiing during the winter. He’s hiked through North and South Americas and toured through New Zealand.