Automotive industry


Nowadays human kind is forced to explore novel and more advanced ways of transporting people efficiently. New infrastructure, rapidly growing cities, increased legislative pressure and decreasing availability of resources challenges and complicates the existent situation. Industrial automotive giants are pressured to reduce CO2 worldwide emission, which is to big extent caused by heavy car body weight. According to the EU regulations, by the year 2020 automotive leaders have to cut the weight of their passenger vehicles by up to 27%. Under these circumstances, the industry turns to highly efficient and bio-based structural solutions, which are extremely light and versatile. Natural fibre composites are expected to play an important role regarding substitute standard engineering and resource-thirsty materials in the upcoming years.


Within the automotive cluster, Bcomp collaborates with different tiers to increase the structural efficiency and decrease the weight of various parts in the vehicles. In order to create demand and foster revolution in automotive industry, we have to influence the final target - OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers). Therefore, we work together with material suppliers, interior and exterior parts manufacturers to come up with the best ideas and produce problem-solving products. Some examples include exterior parts like car bodies and roofs so as interior elements like door panels

Bcomp has also launched strategic collaborations with global leaders in order to contribute to the development of tomorrow's transportation and energy solutions. Our company has implemented different projects such as human powered vehicles, concept cars electric racecars, rally cars or submarine hulls. To reach the best performance and ensure sustainability ampliTex® and powerRibs technologies were used.


Bcomp’s natural flax composite invention powerRibs is perfectly suitable for space applications. European Space Agency - ESA uses the technology in satellites and other conceptual developments due to its lightweight, incredible resistance to vibrations and easy processing.

Other natural fibre applications...