bCores® - the lightest wood cores

Great stability at high speed with 30% lighter board.

bCores® is the lightest wood core on the market. We combine low density flat balsa wood veneers with Bcomp’s specifically tailored flax shear webs to obtain a high-performance lightweight core with excellent shear and fatigue properties and provide typical “woody” feeling.

Bcomp developed the core material specifically for skis but it also perfectly fits water sport industry. Our engineers took the successful bCores® D200 and strengthened it with high-density balsa plywood. The unique hybrid structure results in bCores® D250, ensuring very high compression strength and easy machining - the future of skiing for all the backcountry, fat, touring, and ladies' tools.

Our latest invention - bCores® QX is specially tailored to provide best performance for snowboards, skates, wake and kite boards. QX is made entirely from wood with layers arranged in quadriaxial balsa layout, ensuring lightness and strength at the same time. The boards are performing great in high compression strength and are easy to machine.


The bCores® technology consists of a lightweight foam or balsa combined with natural fibre composite webs, providing a high shear strength and outstanding adhesion to the sandwich faces. 

Carefully selected high-density balsa (average density of 230 kg/m3) has very high compression strength, and is mixed with the world's lightest balsa veneers (average density of 140 kg/m3) to yield the optimum combination of low weight and high properties. It also has increased shear properties of the core by a factor 5-10, the compression properties by 2-3, at a density 2-4 times lower than woods currently used in the market. 

bCores® are up to 4 times lighter than standard wood cores and is processed using the same machining equipment as any other core material. In addition, the Bcomp shear webs double the core-face adhesion: while the low density of our flax fibre composite layers lead to relatively thick shear webs for a given weight, they form a fibrous edge when cut or milled. The combination of these two effects guarantees a large and very strong interface, resulting in an efficient stress transfer from the faces into the core and vice-versa.

bCores® QX summer

bCores® QX summer L (for kite and wake):

  • L 1530 x 450 x 15 mm
  • Density 210 kg/m3

bCores® QX summer M (for skate and snowboard):

  • M 1530 x 320 x 15 mm
  • Density 210 kg/m3