Composite services

Innovation and product development at Bcomp

Bcomp staff is composed of highly qualified on-field professionals who share their passion of building new concepts and creating novel technologies not only at work but also during their free time. Therefore Bcomp is proud to offer composite services, which are aimed at new product and application development. 

Our engineers provide high quality support in tailoring materials' design and thickness to meet the targeted flexural, torsional, and damping properties. They help select the right process window, and advise you on any arising matters while substituting materials in your faces by our flax fabrics. Bcomp staff also organizes workshops for a better understanding and a hands-on experience on our technology.

Product development with natural fibres

Experienced engineers develop your products with Bcomp materials and technologies. 

Based on applications and requirements to match the series, we perform feasibility studies, dimension the needed objects for structural efficiency, select the materials, build prototypes, and scale-up the production.

Structural design processes at Bcomp start with the precise examination of product requirements dictated by the targeted performance and customer needs. The process is being finished with material applications, which contribute to the product’s performance. 

Here at Bcomp, we never forget that the main challenge with composite materials in order to meet the targeted quality, quantity and price is mastering the interplay between the structural design and material properties of the resin, the fibres and the production process. 

Therefore we:

  1. choose the fabrics and matrixes, which are manufactured while being focus on the specification of the final product.
  2. work on the development of fully bio-based- and/or thermoplastic polymers in order to further decrease the environmental impact of our products. 
  3. dimension our materials and parts using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  4. build prototypes at our prototyping center to create a first tangible experience.
  5. perform tests in order to assess and evaluate all the required qualities. 
  6. scale-up the production and delivery of required product series to the customers. 
  7. never stop our supply chain for our existing product portfolio. 
  8. ensure that the final product reaches our partners and customers in desired quantities at a needed place and time.

Natural fibre workshops

A unique hands-on experience - workshop at our Bcomp lab

Curious about natural fibre composites? Wish to see powerRibs on a Tetrapak base layer? Are you interested in building skis or surfboards with light-weight bCores®?

We offer a unique hands-on experience - workshops at our Bcomp lab. There are many possibilities to get acquainted with bCores®, ampliTex® and powerRibs technologies, including testing different materials and their mechanical properties so as preparing and implementing various infusion methods. We are happy to adapt the workshops to your needs in order to create a perfect interplay between Bcomp technologies and your desired applications.

Workshop 1: Introduction to natural fibre composites

Be introduced to the natural fibers by someone who's using them every day. Get an idea of what is possible and reasonable, in terms of mechanics, physics and from a designer's perspective. We provide you a hands on demonstration of how a natural fibre composite is made using two different techniques.

You will learn:

  1. Design guidelines for working with natural fibers
  2. Do’s and don’ts making natural fibre composites
  3. Demonstration of vacuum pressed hand laminate
  4. Demonstration of vacuum infusion

Required skills are a basic understanding of composites.

Workshop 2: Build a model and make a mould

Composite materials enable incredible freedom of shape while delivering outstanding mechanical properties. In this workshop you will get an introduction to building the right tools to make high quality composite parts out of natural fibers. Learn how to incorporate the look of natural fibres in a composite part.

You will get experience in:

  1. Building a positive mould of a lamp shade
  2. Building a negative mould of a lamp shade
  3. Vacuum infusion

Finishing of the model and assembly will take place the next day or you take the part back home and finish it there (handtools required).

Required skills are a common understanding of composites and the ability to use handtools.

Workshop 3: Build a skateboard or a longboard

Learn how to build your cork decked longboard or skateboard deck in our workshop. You can either finish your board in our workshop the next day or you can take it home and do the final steps in your garage using basic tools like a jigsaw and a sanding block. 

You will step by step:

  1. Design how to dimension a skateboard or longboard with natural fibres.
  2. Laminate the skateboard or longboard for your weight and style.

Required skills are the ability to use basic handtools.

Ready for action? We are looking forward to you in our workshop.
Contact us for further information and fix a date for your Bcomp workshop experience!