Summer sports

With cutting-edge materials such as bCores® and ampliTex®, Bcomp enters market with various summer sport applications. It becomes possible to create better performing and more sustainable natural fibre innovations, which change the way we see surfing, cycling, fishing and other summer activities.

Surfing & other water sports

The ampliTex® light product series is specially developed to provide the best performance in the surf industry. Therefore, surfboards made out of Bcomp materials guarantee extremely authentic and sustainable experience, ensuring not only smooth and fast slide but also flexibility, stiffness and lightweight.

Moreover, lots other water sports equipment has been made out of natural composite materials. Wake, kite and stand-up paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, small electric boats and other eco superior products are produced by combining Bcomp's ampliTex® and bCores® in order to get the best results.


Different skateboard brands are replacing glass fibres with Bcomp’s non-crimp ampliTex® fabrics. The bCores® QX is also sold in planks for longboards and helps our customers to build lighter and more dampening boards.


Bcomp is involved in various different projects within the bicycle industry with it's powerRibs technology being used in high-tech frames and seat posts. With ampliTex® light it becomes possible to substitute carbon fibres and push performance regarding shock absorption and damage tolerance. One of the best examples is saddle sheet, developed for Ergon Bike. Moreover, flax mudguards and handlebars are the new generation accessories for the modern city biker. Different bike manufacturers are working on a full flax frame for enabling a smooth ride.


ampliTex® light flax braids are used together with carbon fibre layers in order to provide high energy restitution and an exceptional feel in fly fishing rod blanks.


Due to great stiffness and bending properties, Bcomp’s flax fibres are good for such shape bending gadgets like bows. ampliTex® can also be used for arrows to complement the sustainable and exciting archery experience.

Racket sports and field hockey

Different racket frames, field hockey and Swiss unihockey sticks are made with Bcomp’s flax materials to increase their damping properties and provide better control of the action. To achieve the best results we use ampliTex® braids, which are perfectly optimized for the application. Once stretched, they change the form and are able to adapt to any needed prototype be it hockey sticks or rackets.

Other natural fibre applications...