Winter sports

Bcomp was born thanks to a never fading skiing desire, boundless love for mountains and willingness to work hard in order to have only the best time on a ski track. Therefore, winter sport equipment has a special place in Bcomp’s heart. With sustainable natural fibres materials like bCores® and ampliTex® it becomes possible to enhance skiing experiences and make our world a better place.


Skis made with bCores® are 30% lighter and result in a super smooth and shock absorbing ride. The secret lies in combining the highly engineered balsa plywood with Bcomp’s specifically tailored flax fibres to obtain a high-performance core with excellent fatigue properties, and the typical “woody” feeling all skiers love. Bcomp has been collaborating with such companies as DPS, K2, Black Diamond, Nordica, Stöckli, Earlybird and together producing new generation skis out of bCores® lightest core materials. Today, more than 30 brands all around the world are using Bcomp’s bCores® to build high performance and lightweight skis. Famous skiers as Candide Thovex who’s riding Faction skis and Eric Pollard on the Line skis are one of the few professionals who ski they way to fame on bCores® enabled ski pro models.


Our newest development - bCores® QX is perfect for the split board industry where weight is the biggest issue. Therefore, we managed to greatly lessen the board’s weight with the lightest cores on the market and make climbing uphill just as pleasant as downhill snowboarding. Moreover, the high density of wood ensures that boards are tougher in terms of compression and depression making them more resistant to impact. Few of the brands that already use bCores® and ampliTex® technologies in their snowboards are Radical Boards, Loka, Amplid and YES Boards.

Poles & sticks

The 100% flax fibre composite ampliTex® braids have the same strength as carbon ones while at the same time tripling their damping properties. It results in lightweight skiing and trekking poles that provide not only security in extreme conditions but also comfort and a pleasant feeling. KANG pole brand is already using the technology. Bcomp’s braids are also reinforcing and damping Busch hockey sticks in a very efficient and economical way.

Other natural fibre applications...